Work in progress
This project was about a friend matching application that would help users find like-minded people in their surroundings using geolocation. Users would be greeted by a map screen and filter or sort their way to the most compatible match. I got this idea because I struggled to connect with students in my school days which was before Discord or other social media platforms became popular, so I believe an app like this would be helpful to a lot of people, especially introverts, to connect with people in their area. I performed market research and looked at dating sites like Tinder and Bumble, looked at Facebook groups and Discord and analysed event apps like Eventbrite or map apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps to study their practices and methods. A big issue with all of the dating and friending apps is scammers and malicious users who could take advantage of the geolocation feature to stalk other users. Privacy in form of controlling who gets to see what would be a crucial factor for an app like this. Overall, the idea is to open a map, tap on points of interests marked on the screen, and connect with people by meeting up at events, public places, or Discord servers.
The following is a mockup for a second-hand shopping app for vintage clothes.